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frequently asked questions

  • What does it mean to "commission" a piece of music?
    To "commission" a piece means that you pay a composer to write a new piece of music for a specific purpose or event - in this case, your wedding day.

  • What's wrong with using traditional wedding music?
    Absolutely nothing. There has been a lot of good music written throughout the centuries, and many people prefer to use the traditional music that is typically heard at weddings. However, original music that is specifically created for you and YOUR special day takes on a special significance that will last a lifetime. The CD of your wedding music is similar to your wedding photo, only in sound.

  • Who owns the copyright to this music?
    The composer owns the copyright to the commissioned piece, and is free to publish the music or to make their own recordings. You, as the commissioner, have First Performance Rights. In addition, published copies of the music, or recordings distributed by me, will acknowledge your commission and premiered wedding date.

  • How much does it cost to commission our own wedding music?
    It depends on the length of the piece and how many instruments are involved. Prices start at $300.

  • What style or type of music do you write?
    My wedding music compositions are generally "classical" sounding (tonal sounding rather than atonal), and can have elements of jazz or a "pop" flavor depending on your tastes. I do not write music for jazz combos or dance bands, but will be happy to refer you to composers who do if this is the type of music and instrumentation you are wanting.

  • Can you write a piece for my reception?
    If your reception music will be played by a typical instrumental ensemble such as a string quartet, or other instrumental combination, absolutely. I can also write a melody for your poem or lyrics to be sung at your reception. I do not write music for jazz combos or dance.

  • Do you only write bridal processionals?
    No. I also write other processional music, recessional music, prelude music as your guests are gathering, and instrumental music for your reception.

  • Can I give copies of the music CD to my guests?
    Absolutely! The music CD makes a unique and memorable gift for your wedding day guests. See Other Services for duplication costs.

  • Can I give a copy of the music to my friend to use at her wedding?
    No. However, she is certainly welcome to purchase a copy from me. Instead, why don't you encourage her to have her own unique piece created?

  • How long will it take you to compose the music?
    Three months is typically enough time.

  • Can you write an arrangement of a song?
    Any arrangement can be made of a piece that is in public domain, which would include any piece written before 1906. (Copyrights typically last 71 years past the composer's death.) If a piece is still under copyright, there is usually a fee involved with getting permission to arrange it. There are times, however, when permission is not granted. In this case, I would not be able to create an arrangement for you. Also, the process of getting permission could take several weeks. This, along with the additional fee, will increase the overall cost and time length for creating your music.

  • What if we're not sure what we want?
    Very often we can arrive at the general feel and mood of the music by talking about what music you already like and listen to, and by discussing the types and styles of music that you do not like. If you need help choosing instruments, I can also provide samples of different instrumental sounds.

  • What if I don't like the piece you created?
    During the initial creation process, I will send you musical ideas to choose from and will make changes based your responses. If you are still dissatisfied, you are under no obligation to continue the process or to purchase the music.

  • How do we start the process?
    Fill out the form below or give me a call to initiate the process or to just find out more about it. I am happy to talk with you about what is involved and to answer any questions you might have.

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